External heat exchangers

External heat exchanger to connect to an existing heating system, available as
  • Plate heat exchanger
  • Coaxial heat exchanger

Coaxial heat exchangers (KRWT) have the following advantages



  • simple and quick cleaning
  • longer periods between cleaning
  • no valves/gaskets, so no maintenance required
  • suitable for thick-flowing liquids with high fruit or fibre content.


  • The juice flows in the internal pipe. Hot water flows around it and warms the juice.
  • Simple cleaning with sponge balls.

Construction set
Coaxial heat exchanger


Plate heat exchangers have the following advantages:

  • extendable
  • they can be completely dismantled


  • Water and juice flow between the plates, the water heats the juice, the plates are separated by special washers
  • Cleaning during the cycle with pump and cleaning materials

Construction set
Plate heat exchanger



All RINK fruit juice pasteurizers:

  • Automatic minimum temperature control – you can be sure that no juice is filled below the selected temperature.
  • Regulate the boiler temperature automatically with a digital thermostat with a sensitivity of +/- 0,1 °C.
  • Have a small temperature difference between the heating water and the fruit juice 81/78°C.
  • Have a high-quality stainless steel 1.4571 heat exchanger.


Automatic minimum temperature control unit incl. fine adjustment valve

**** 30 years experience in pasteurization ****


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