Pasteurization Container with Direct Filling


Now also available with 18kW heater - hourly output 180-200 litres
  • Simple, safe, optimal relationship between price and performance
  • No temperature deviation
  • Heater surface is no more than 5° warmer than the juice
  • Gentle warming because of the large heating area 0,4 m² (in contrast to immersion heaters which have a small heating surface and a surface temperature of up to 140 °C )
  • Thermostat switches off when the temperature has been reached. The control lamp goes out
  • Modest purchase price
  • Warming-up time for 150 l. ca. 40 min.
  • Filling time ca. 10-15 min
  • Simple separation of customers: Minimum quantity ca. 25 l. per customer
  • Hourly load ca. 150 l




Special heater 13,5 kW


special heater
13,5 KW


  Art. No.
Container 150 ltr. isolated 13,5 kW /400 V heater with automatic temperature control with stool, Bag in Box filler and bag holder
3.350,- €
New: Container 150 ltr. isolated 18 kW /400 V heater with automatic temperature control with stool, Bag in Box filler and bag holder,
hourly output 180litres
3.900,- €
Digital balance 0 -60 kg
159,- €
Support plate for balance
55,- €
Two place bottle filler
260,- €




2 pasteurization containers 13,5 kW, pump, filler 


Two place bottle filler


**** 30 years experience in pasteurization ****



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