Commercial cider brewing

Mobile brewery 200

Mobile Kelterei   200

Trailer 300 x 150 cm with side flaps

Press side:
  • washtub with washing baskets (stackable)
  • fruit mill with maish basin
  • hydr. pack press TP 70 or TP 80
  • 2 juice barrels with mesh sieveMobile Kelterei   200

Filling side:

  • juice filter with pump takes juice from barrels and pumps juice into pasteurization container
  • pasteurization container - gas heating with bag in box and bottle filler


 Pasteurization with gas heating

Mobile Kelterei   200

Hourly output:

  • Pressing juice: ca. 200 litres per hour
  • Pasteurization: ca. 150 litres per hour


Total price incl. trailer as of ca. € 17.500,- excl. VAT


Mobile breweries are assembled individually, according to customer requirements.


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