Commercial cider brewing

Brewery 150

The perfect entry into commercial brewery ....

Kelterei 150

The proven and powerful devices allow effective work


Washing basin with frame


Mill on frame with mash basin


pack press TP70 with mobile frame, 2 barrels 100l


Filter with pump

& Fill

Pasteurization Container
integrated filling into bag in box / bottles


Kelterei 150 Kelterei 150  Kelterei 150

How to work with the devices:

  • Wash apples
  • Fill apples into mill, mill apples
  • Fill press, press juice
  • As soon as 100-150l juice are pressed turn on pump
    -->Juice is being filtered and pumped into container
  • Heat up the juice in the container
  • After about 40-45 minutes the juice can be filled

Repeat the whole process ...

Kelterei 150 Praxis Kelterei 150 Praxis Kelterei 150 Praxis


With 2 persons you can achieve an hourly output of up to 150 litres.
You can work on your own as well.


Complete Brewery as of € 6.850,- plus tax.



Der ideale Einstieg in die gewerbliche Kelterei.


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