Cheese-making equipment

Hobby Equipment


Hobby equipment for making yoghurt and soft cheese domestically.

Comprises universal cheese boiler, curd cutter , glass thermometer

Universal cheese boiler with a drainage tap = can be used in lots of ways: To pasteurize apple juice and fill it into bottles or a bag-in-a-box, boil jars, remove juice by steaming, serve mulled wine, keep food and drinks warm at social occasions, etc.




  • Universal cheese boiler with a tap
  • Curd, 19 cm glass thermometer
  • acidity alarm
  • yoghurt culture
  • 100 ml lab extract
  • 1 x 18 cm form with a snap-on lid for all sorts of cheeses
  • 10 forms Art. 3345
  • 50 cm cheese droppings mat
  • Stirring spoon
  • Book Joghurt, Quark und Käse: Natürlich selbst gemacht


Hobby equipment with stainless steel boiler Art.Nr. 1005 275,-  €
Hobby equipment - withour boiler Art.Nr. 1004 98,- €






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